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June 26, 2017

Hey guys! I’ve been a little MIA lately, but next week I’m hoping to have a few new outfit posts for you! The past few weeks I’ve been busy or out-of-town, so I’ve been majorly slacking on my blog posts. I also haven’t been shopping lately, so that’s one of the main reasons there hasn’t been any new posts hehe. The past two weekends I’ve been in beautiful San Diego, California. Last weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday in the downtown area, and this past weekend, I spent it in La Jolla. I didn’t get to document my trip two weeks ago, so I wanted to make it a point to take some photos this past weekend.

On Saturday morning a few friends and I headed down to La Jolla for one night. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency, which was a great hotel–highly recommend. It’s right off the freeway, about a 15 minute drive to La Jolla Cove (a beautiful beach), and about a 20 minute drive from downtown San Diego. After we checked in, we went to La Jolla Cove to try to spot some seals. About a month ago, a bunch of them were seen hanging out on the beach, so we were hoping to take a few photos of them. Unfortunately, we learned that all the seals had left about a month ago. But we did get to see a few swimming in the water pretty close to shore. They were so cute 🙂 La Jolla Cove has multiple spots to lay on the beach, all while enjoying gorgeous, picturesque views. I mean just look at the photos above, so pretty right?!

After La Jolla, we drove downtown to go to Little Italy. I had never been there before, so I was super excited to check out the food. We ate at a restaurant called Sorrento that was amazing. We ordered a few pizzas, a yummy salad, and of course some sangrias. All the food was delicious, especially the bread and pesto they bring out as an appetizer. Sorrento has happy hour 7 days a week, which makes all of their food/drinks very affordable. Even if you don’t go during happy hour time, (which we didn’t) I still feel that everything was reasonably priced. This restaurant is a must if you’re ever craving some Italian while you’re in SD. After lunch, we walked around, took some photos (of course!), laid out by the hotel pool, and ended the night going to a country bar in downtown called Moonshine Flats. They have line dancing, as well as a live band that comes on around 10:30pm. Such a fun atmosphere–really wish they have a similar place here in Orange County, boo!

Can I talk about how cute the bathing suit is that I’m wearing below?! I am so obsessed with it! I have it in black as well, and absolutely love how both the top and bottoms fit. The brand is Leith, and for a Nordstrom brand, I don’t think it’s too expensive. I had been wanting to find a triangle top that fit well, and was so happy when I tried this one on! For some reason I always have an issue finding a good triangle bikini top (I normally stick with strapless). I linked all my outfit details from the trip below, besides the “The Bees Knees” tee. Unfortunately it’s not currently online, but I bought it at Nordstrom last week in the BP section!

Though it was a quick trip, it was a great time! With San Diego only being a little over an hour away from me, I’ve decided I need to spend weekends down there more often. I love how there always seems to be something to do, which I feel like is not always the case here in Orange County. I would absolutely love to live down there one day, especially while still being young! 😉

Hope everyone had a great weekend! If anyone ever has any ideas for a blog post, feel free to leave it in the comments below or shoot me an email: 🙂




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