May 4, 2017

Guys, it’s my first travel post for the blog! *happy dance* I’m so excited to share probably the best trip I’ve ever been on! Two weeks ago I hopped on a red-eye and landed in New Jersey to explore Hoboken and NYC for the weekend. Let me just tell you, NYC has always been at the top of my list of places I want to travel to. Everyone grows up watching movies and television shows that take place there, so it’s no wonder it’s such a huge tourism spot. One of my old friends from high school invited me to stay with her, (she has the cutest little apartment in Hoboken) and with NYC being a place I have always wanted to visit, I took her up on her offer. It was so weird finally walking around a city that I’ve been wanting to go to for so long! I felt like I was in a movie or an episode of Gossip Girl 😉 Here’s a little recap of my weekend:

Day 1:

Once I landed in New Jersey and ubered to Hoboken first thing in the morning, we went and grabbed a bagel (not sure what the big fuss is about NY bagels), and hopped onto a Subway (the locals call them trains), and headed into the city. The first place we went to was the Oculus, which is the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, located in lower Manhattan. This train station is supposed to look like a “dove in flight.” It kind of looks like ribs or something, doesn’t it? It’s not only a train station though, but also a mall, and houses many business offices, such as Conde’ Nast. This building is right next to the World Trade Center memorial.

After seeing the Oculus and World Trade Center memorial, we jumped on the Staten Island Ferry so I could see the Statue of Liberty in all her glory. It was one of those weird moments, having seen so many pictures of this statue since I was in elementary school, and here I was finally seeing in person. I highly recommend you take this ferry if you want to see the statue because it’s free, and gets you pretty close to it. Everyone says it’s not worth the money to actually go on the little island that the statue is located on. So this worked out perfectly, I got to see the statue, as well as a pretty view of Manhattan!

We ended the day getting drinks at a little cafe, eating at a yummy Italian restaurant, going to the One World Trade Center Observatory, and seeing a comedy show at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. The observatory is a must if you are in the city. It’s supposedly one of the tallest buildings in North America, and has the most amazing panoramic views of the entire city on the 100th floor of the building. Unfortunately for us, the entire weekend it was cloudy/foggy, so my photos didn’t come out so great. But I am still so glad we went up there.

Day 2: 

On the second day, we headed into the city and our first stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met). If you are a huge Gossip Girl fan like me, then you know exactly why I had to get a photo of myself sitting on the steps of The Met. We didn’t buy tickets, but we did go inside and walk around the gift shop. Definitely a landmark spot for tourists to visit.

Right next to The Met was Central Park! AH, I was so excited to walk in the most famous park in the world. It’s crazy how you wouldn’t even know you were in NYC while you’re walking through it. It’s so calm and peaceful–great place to have a picnic and people watch on a beautiful sunny day. We walked through the park for about an hour and also got to see the John Lennon memorial. Last week my computer broke and all of my photos had to be deleted off of it, ugh! So I don’t have many photos of the park, but let me tell you, it’s just as amazing in person as it is on TV. I was impressed 🙂

After Central Park, we got a few drinks at a bar called Johnny Utahs, which happened to be a country bar (probably the only one in the city haha), so I felt so in my element! After a few delicious Sangrias, we headed to Time Square. Time Square was probably the only place all weekend that was completely packed with people. That’s one thing I was surprised about. I thought I was going to feel very overwhelmed the entire time I was in NYC, but Time Square was the only place that felt a little bit claustrophobic haha. While walking through Time Square, we see a guy who drew caricature drawings, so naturally we had to get one done–it was actually my first one! Though it doesn’t look a TON like us, it was a fun souvenir to bring back with me, even if it was a complete pain in the ass to drag around the airport with me on the way home.

After Time Square, we walked through 5th Avenue (which is the famous street to shop on), to get to the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. If only it wasn’t foggy out, we would have had the most amazing views of the Empire State Building and the city. But nonetheless, we enjoyed some Happy Hour drinks, all while wearing robes–my favorite part! We ended the day seeing Grand Central, “Someone saw Serena getting off the train at Grand Central,” (GG reference–had to), eating some yummy pizza, and exploring a few bars in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Day 3:

The last day I was worn out. My legs hurt from all of the walking we had been doing (wearing Vans wasn’t the smartest idea), and I was super exhausted from lack of sleep. But I didn’t want that to stop me from enjoying my last day in the city. The last day, the thing I was dreading happening, happened… it RAINED. I’m over exaggerating, it wasn’t horrible, but it definitely wasn’t great, because this was the day we were supposed to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We started the day heading to my friend Sandy’s friend’s apartment who lives on Wall Street. I swear I feel like we happened to cross every famous NYC street there is (which I was so happy about!). His apartment had the most amazing view of the city including the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge (not pictured below). I couldn’t get over it.

After we checked out the views of his rooftop, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It was for sure the highlight of the entire weekend. It was a little rainy, but the bridge was beautiful, and surround by so many great views of the city. It took maybe around 30 minutes to walk to other side, maybe a little bit less. We didn’t get to explore Brooklyn, which is definitely something I want to do on my next trip. One thing I didn’t know was how big Brooklyn actually is. For some reason I thought it was a super small city–not the case though.

After walking the bridge, we went to a really yummy brunch place called Pig and Khao. They had bottomless mimosas for $15, and you had 2 hours to eat/drink there. The restaurant has Asian inspired cuisine, which was no good for me since I am not an adventurous eater haha. I was a little nervous looking at the menu, but ended up getting the brioche french toast, which was delicious. It was served with bananas on top and genesse cream syrup (not even sure what it was but it was good!). After getting some mimosas in us, we headed to a few bars to end the day.

Overall I had the most amazing trip, and was so glad I finally got to experience NYC. What made it a whole lot better, was having a friend who lives there, show me around. There’s nothing better than being shown a city by someone who lives there. Thanks Sandy! 🙂 I am so glad I decided to take this trip! I told myself this year I really wanted to travel, but had no idea I would end up going to one of the top places I have always wanted to visit! At the end of this month I will be going on another little trip, a road trip that I am super excited for. I’ve been to this city before, but only a few times when I was younger. Can’t wait to share with y’all where I’m going in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by The Everyday Trend! Hope you enjoyed my first travel post–more to come!

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