April 12, 2017

I absolutely love new trends that I have never seen before, and this past year, this choker top trend was one of them. This fall, choker sweaters were very in, yet I couldn’t seem to get my hands on one. Oh well, better luck next fall! But I did find this top at a local boutique instead for less than $20, and knew I had to grab it quick. It seemed like all of the choker tops/sweaters I was seeing were expensive (at least they were out of my price range), so I was super excited when I saw this one for cheap. Unfortunately, there is no way I can find the exact same one, but I did find a few similar ones that you can find linked at the bottom of this post. This top is perfect to wear for a night out with a pair of jeans and heels. Let me know what you guys think of this choker top trend in the comments below, I’m interested to hear 🙂

My mom jeans I have talked about here and here, but I thought I would style them with a pair of heels to switch it up this time. These jeans can easily be worn casually, but they look even better, in my opinion, with heels. With mom jeans and boyfriend jeans trending right now, thanks to Kendall Jenner who kills it in them, I decided to link a few of my favorites at the bottom of this post. If you’re looking to buy either style, I would highly recommend H&M. All of their jeans are reasonably priced, which is perfect if they are only going to be those jeans that you wear every once in a while. We all have those jeans! I just bought a new pair from H&M that are kind of a mix between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. They are a straight cut that are very loose at the bottom. I’m currently trying to figure out if I like them or not. If they end up on the blog, then you know what I ended up deciding 😉

My new Target heels are so cute, aren’t they? They look like Steve Madden or any other type of expensive brand that you would want to buy. I bought them before I headed down to San Diego a few weeks ago because I actually didn’t have any heels in my closet, at least from this decade haha. Just kidding, but really, the heels in my closet were old, and really made me wonder what I was even thinking buying them. I knew I had seen some cute shoes at Target, so I thought I would try there first, and I’m glad I did. These heels are less than $30, and are perfect if you are looking for a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting ruined. Like if you’re going to Vegas or just a night out at the bars. Whenever I go out, I try to wear my cheapest pair of shoes, because the grounds at bars are disgusting, and I know they are just going to end up getting ruined. So if you’re in need of a cheap pair, check these ones out!

Choker top, old (similar here, here)| Jeans: H&M (also similar here, here) | Heels: Target | Belt: Target | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (cheaper option, here)

I finally bought a new pair of sunnies! I had been seeing these Ray-Bans on everyone lately, and was trying hard not to cave into the trend, but whoops, it happened. I started first with my mirrored Target sunglasses just to see if I liked the style, and then I pulled the trigger this weekend and just went for it and bought them. I’m so used to wearing my aviators, that this style was a huge change for me, but they are growing on me. What do you guys think of the round sunglasses trend?


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