February 23, 2017

Flare jeans are back in style and my first thought was,”Weren’t skinny jeans invented for a reason?” If you are in your early twenties, like me, then you remember when skinny jeans started to become popular around middle school. They were super hard to find at first, and more expensive, which is hilarious because that’s the main type of jeans that girls wear now. Why are new trends so expensive? Anyone else notice that? Whether it’s a pair of over-the-knee boots, or some new sweater style, it’s always so expensive the first few months until it hits the shelves everywhere. C’mon affordable stores, get with it a little sooner, please! I would like to be styling on a budget, but not months down the road 😉

With flare jeans back in, I was a little reluctant if I should buy a pair or not. I saw these cropped ones on another fellow blogger and I was in love. I thought they were so chic, and easily could be worn casually or dressed up (my type of jeans!). So I headed over to PacSun right away and bought these babies! They were having a sale that day so I bought them for less than $40, but regular price is under $55–still not half bad! These jeans go so perfectly with a pair of booties or thin-strapped heels! Whether you want to wear an off-the-shoulder top, a lace cami, crop top, you name it, these jeans would look good with it! These same jeans come in other washes as well, so if black denim isn’t your favorite, no worries, you can find another wash that better suits you 🙂

I paired these black flares with a simple striped tee and jean jacket, both from H&M. The jean jacket is under $40, (heck yes!)  but I also linked a few similar ones below. A classic jean jacket is such a staple piece for me. I love wearing it with black denim but I’ve been dying to try it with denim jeans. Yes, denim on denim. Isn’t that called a Canadian Tuxedo? haha. I’ve seen so many people pull that look off, so I think it’s next on my list to try!

My booties, which I’ve shared with you guys many times, are from Steve Madden. They are now sold out but I linked a few other nude booties, as well as other ones that I just thought were cute hehe. My sunnies are Ray-Ban, and I’m in need of a new pair. I’ve been wearing these for years and absolutely love them, but I need another color. I’m thinking the black ones! As much as I want to switch up the style, it’s really hard for me to find a style that looks good on my small face. Aviators just seem to work for me, (in my opinion) so I’m sticking with it for now 🙂

 Outfit Details: Striped Tee: H&M (similar here, here, here) | Jean Jacket: H&M (similar here, here) | Flare Jeans: PacSun (similar here, here, here) | Booties: Steve Madden (similar here, here, here) | Choker: Bearfruit Jewelry | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Watch: Nixon

How cute is the choker that I’m wearing?! Chokers are one of my favorite jewelry trends right now. The choker is from Bearfruit Jewelry, and if you haven’t heard of them you need to check them out. They are based here in Orange County, and they caught my eye when I saw their kiosk at a mall near my house. If you love dainty, simple jewelry, then you will absolutely fall in love with them. I’m not a statement jewelry kind of gal, something simple that I don’t need to take off everyday is what I go for. Bearfruit also has other pieces other than necklaces such as rings, bracelets, and earrings. If you want to check out all of their jewelry, visit them here.

What’s everyone up to this weekend? I know I shared in my last post that I’m heading up to LA to hike the Hollywood sign. So excited to be a little adventurous! Yes, that’s me being adventurous haha. I would love to hear what you gals have planned! Leave a comment below!




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