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December 11, 2016

1. Nike Golf Shirt | 2. Leather Flask | 3. Bleu De Chanel Cologne | 4. North Face Fleece Jacket | 5. Vans Quilted Jacket | 6. Nike Dri-FIT Pants | 7. Nike Zip Top | 8. Nixon Watch | 9. Beats Headphones | 10. Vans Shoes | 11. Patagonia Rain Jacket

Finding gifts for guys is not easy to say the least. Whether it’s for your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, etc., it can be hard to find a gift that they will actually like. I decided to put together a little gift guide for that special man in your life. Hopefully it will help spark some ideas of your own 🙂

When coming up with a gift idea, first start off by thinking of something that they need. Maybe you heard your Dad say he needs some new shoes, or that your brother is really in need of some new sweats to lounge around in. Obviously if you know what they need, then your job is a lot more simple hehe. If you don’t, then that’s where you can get into trouble. Some safe gifts for men are always cologne, jackets, watches and shoes–you can’t go wrong with them. I absolutely love the smell of the Bleu De Chanel cologne, I highly suggest it. If you are looking for a nice winter jacket or sweatshirt, Patagonia, North Face and Columbia are all great brands. They can be a little on the pricy side, but jackets last awhile, so I think it’s worth the investment.

Here are a few other fun gift ideas (all linked below): Moscow Mule mugs (they come in a variety of colors), grey Neff beanie, leather flask (love this), Fossil money-clip wallet (a must purchase!), converse, plaid shirts, and more!


I wish you guys all the best if you have to do some last-minute holiday shopping 😉 Literally, it’s craziness at the malls right now!

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